Visible Light Communications.

Lighting the way for IoT and smart cities.
What is Li-Fi?

A form of visible light communication, Li-Fi is the utilisation of light as a means of data transmission, providing both LED lighting and wireless high-speed communications from the one source. This is achieved by modulating the LEDs on and off at a very high rate that is imperceptible to the human eye. 

Li-Fi is capable of achieving speeds far greater than WiFi whilst also solving bandwidth congestion issues as the world becomes more connected with IoT.



What do we do?

Based in Melbourne, Australia with offices in Sydney and Hong Kong, nextLiFi are developing and commercialising various Li-Fi and IoT applications.

Disrupting current business models, Li-Fi technology is creating an array of new industry opportunities across the communications sector, providing a fast low cost solution for connectivity of devices for IoT.

Commercial Implementation

Stage One

Sales rollout of Li-Fi compatible LEDs into the SME and Large business sectors and development of IoT and smart city applications.

Stage Two

Installation and activation of proprietary applications into smart cities inclusive of the SME and large business sectors.

Stage Three

Commencement of sales rollout of consumer services to the residential sector.